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Must be 18 or older with Proper ID


Tuesday, April 3rd

Presented by the Alpha Alpha Chapter of PHI IOTA ALPHA Fraternity


Doors Open at 5:00PM

Registration Begins at 5:00PM

Tournament Starts at 6:00PM


Tournament Entry Fee is $5 - It is FREE to come in and watch


Advanced Entry Available at The Chimes Restaurant on Highland Road, over the phone at 866.777.8932 and on-line at www.TicketWeb.com


Drink Specials Include…




Full Chimes food menu is available TO-GO from the front desk of The Chimes


The tournament will consist of ONE bracket for XBox One.


A $100 Cash Prize will be awarded to the winner of each bracket with the greatest prize being bragging rights as the best FIFA player at LSU.

Match Format: Players are required to play 2 matches, "Home and Away" with the away goal rule, should the scores be tied then a 3rd match of 4mins per half must be played.

Tournament Format: Single elimination – 2 matches per opponent
Difficulty Level: World Class
Half Length: 5 minutes, 6 minutes for quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals

Injuries: On
Offsides: On
Bookings: On
Time/Score display: On
Camera: Tele
Radar: 2D or 3D
Home Auto Switching: User Settings
Away Auto Switching: User Settings
Handball: OFF
Referee: Card Strictness & Foul Strictness (both must be average)
Stadium: Home and Away (Home team has preference)
Weather: Clear
Game Speed: Normal
Goal Keeper Control: Players are allowed to use the TRIANGLE button only to control your GoalKeeper, You CANNOT use the "SELECT" button to control your GoalKeeper Red Card Rule: If you hack your opponent who is 1 vs 1 with your goalkeeper you will immediately receive a goal disadvantage, (For the red card rule to be taken into effect, The defender must not be able to reach the attacking player)
Time Wasting: Should you be leading in a game and start passing around in the back you will be immediately disqualified. Please call a referee if you suspect your opponent is wasting time.
Volume Settings: Default

Controller Settings

Controllers may be customized to suit your needs, however you have ONLY 2 minutes to do this

Passing Power Assistance: OFF

Defending: Tactical Defending MUST be used

- See more at: http://www.maingaming.co.za/fifa-2v2-cpt.php#sthash.iUF6PHAF.dpuf
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